Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance



An overview of news by the U.T.S.D.A. and its members worldwide.

Masters Clinic and Dan Testing Nov, 2019 in AZ.

      Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance Tounament and Dan promotion was held on

June 22, 2019, in Lompoc Ca.


Lady Lallaine Reed, Louie Evaro, Victoria Bermudez and James Weakland were promoted to 4th degree Blackbelt after the tournament. A special thanks to GM Jackson and GM Khalid.



Master Greg Ockenfels was promoted to 5th Dan in Tang Soo Do by GM Darryl Khalid and the Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance on Feb 22, 2019.


Dan and Gup promotion at Price's Academy of Self-Defense and Martial Arts on Feb 27th, 2019

­Mr John Clayson #39853 was promoted to 3rd Dan, and their first Jr Black Belt

­is Mate Csernyey #39921 was promoted to 1st Dan.